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Pipeline orchestration

Prefect is an open-source workflow management system designed for modern infrastructure.

Use it when

  • You want to create workflows as DAGs (Direct Acyclic Graphs).
  • You want to define workflows as standalone objects.
  • You need fast scheduling of DAGs.
  • You want to explicitly define input and output for individual jobs to streamline data movement between tasks.
  • You want to cache and persist inputs and outputs.
  • You want a transform function that accepts both reference data (batch) and live data.
  • You want an easy way to create dynamic workflows.
  • You want to generate pipelines as Python code.
  • You want to automate ML workflows.

Watch out

  • The abstraction of computing and storage is limited, making local development tricky with large datasets.

Example stacks

Airflow + MLflow stack


pip install prefect